Sell House During Divorce Dallas-Fort Worth

Sell House During Divorce Dallas-Fort Worth

How To Sell Marital Property Before the Divorce?

Do you need to sell a house during divorce in Dallas-Fort Worth?

We're local cash buyers, and can help you if you're wondering:

"How to sell Marital Property before (or during) the Divorce?"

Going through a divorce is emotionally draining and difficult enough --- if you have to sell Dallas-Fort Worth property during divorce --- it adds an unnecessary amount of extra stress.

Let us make it easier for you.

We will buy your Dallas-Fort Worth home during a divorce.

Before we go into more detail about selling to investors like ourselves, let's go over some information so you know how to sell property in Dallas-Fort Worth during divorce.


Consider The Following: Selling Your House During A Divorce In Dallas-Fort Worth

Both parties have to be involved in the selling process.

If one a party does not want to be involved, they have to sign off on not being involved. One party also has the option to buy out the other if they want to keep ownership of the house.

One party also has the option to buy out the other if they want to keep ownership of the house.

Decide who, if anyone, can afford to keep the house.

The reason you need to take this into account is that you might have to continue paying the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, etc. while you are waiting for the home to sell.

According to, the median home spends 65 days on the market, from the time it's listed until the owner hands over the keys.

Given this, budget up to 6 months of payments for assurance purposes when considering how to sell your house during divorce in Dallas-Fort Worth.

If you want to sell your home FAST, feel free to visit our page for more information here.

Once this is settled, you will need to take the other party's name off of the deed to the house, and the mortgage payment.

The easiest way to do this is to consult with a local divorce attorney.

They will provide you with any information and assistance you need to execute this plan.


Sell Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home During Divorce To Investors

Selling to cash buyers like us benefits you in a multitude of ways.

• Sell Your Home During Divorce for CASH.

That's right, we will buy your home for cash.

Looking into financing options will not be necessary.

• Sell Your Home During Divorce in 'as-is' condition.

We will buy your house in its current state, no improvements, repairs, or clean up required.

There is no need to prepare your house for sale in any way.

Learn more about selling your Dallas-Fort Worth house in As Is condition here.

• Sell Your Home During Divorce FAST (within 2-4 weeks).

If you can barely afford your payments right now, you probably want to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

Click here more about how to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house FAST.

• Sell Your Home During Divorce Without a Realtor.

When you sell to us, you will not have to pay any of the hefty fees you would otherwise pay if you elect to work with a Real Estate Agent.

You can sell to us directly, with no extra fees required.


Our Home Buying Process: Selling Your Dallas-Fort Worth House During Divorce

Once you fill out our Seller Form, we'll get in touch with a ball-park offer of what we can pay to buy your house.

Since we'll be paying cash, we can generally close within 2-3 weeks of our first interaction.

If you need to sell your house during or after divorce, get started here.

Obviously this process is complicated for you right now.

The last thing you need to worry about is what to do with your house.

Selling your Dallas-Fort Worth house during divorce to a local real estate investor like us is the fastest, easiest way to wash your hands of the situation & turn that house to cash.

Want to sell your house fast & hassle-free, in as-is condition?

We buy Dallas-Fort Worth houses.

To learn more about the many reasons why someone like you would (or would not) choose to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house to us, check out our:

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