About DFWBuyer

About DFWBuyer - Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Investor

Welcome to DFWBuyer. We buy houses in Dallas-Fort Worth.

DFWBuyer is a private real estate investment firm founded by CJ Love and Cary Love Sr.

We specialize in finding simple solutions to complex real estate problems, for sellers and buyers alike.

By educating others on building wealth through real estate, both CJ and Cary find fulfillment. If you're interesting in building your own real estate wealth, contact us directly.

30+ Years of Helping Dallas-Fort Worth Property Owners

We're also expert in helping property owners through difficult ownership problems. We can help you sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house fast.

Between our company's founders, we have 30+ years of real estate & property management experience. We've helped hundreds of individuals through:

  • Foreclosures,
  • Probates,
  • Relocations,
  • Divorces,
  • Late Payments,
  • Distressed Properties,
  • and More...

We also help Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Investors, educating them on the long and short-term benefits of owning investment real estate.

Whatever your real estate need, feel free to reach out & have a conversation with the team.

We're happy to help find a simple solution for your real estate needs.

Working With Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Investors & Professionals

The DFWBuyer's goal is to partner with the Dallas-Fort Worth area's top financiers, property managers, and sales experts, to be sure we are ready to buy any profitable property deals we can identify.

By studying & partnering with the most successful investors in this market, we can remain focused on finding great deals & acquiring profitable assets 100% of the time.

If you have a Dallas-Fort Worth property you are looking to sell - fast, for CASH - or if you are simply looking for more input on your real estate decision making, contact us at - the DFWBuyer - today!