How much will you pay for my home?

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How much will you pay for my Dallas-Fort Worth home?

Will I get "fair market value" selling my house to you?


Especially in this market, where property values are at or below a 20 year low, and houses take an average of about 80-100 days to sell (meaning many houses take much longer), the idea of a "fair market value" is highly subjective.

While your house may be appraised at one value, in a best-case scenario you are likely to get offers of 80-90% of that appraisal.

If the property is listed with a real estate agent, that would be another 5-7% (on average) of the sale price you'll be paying to your agent at closing.

Depending on your situation and contract of sale, you might be responsible for additional closing & title transfer fees.

Even with all of those factors, you still aren't guaranteed a sale.

How Much Can I Get For My Dallas-Fort Worth Home?

Many sellers end up listing a property on the market for 6-12 months, only to eventually sell it for as little as half of their initial asking price---just to get the property sold!

The point is,  "Fair Market Value" is highly subjective, so while it is possible you would sell your house for a higher price on the open market than you would be selling to DFWBuyer, you need to factor in additional expenses & opportunity costs like:

  • Real estate agent fees
  • Asking price vs. offered price
  • Taxes, title transfer, and closing costs
  • Repair, clean-up, and maintenance costs
  • Time on the market
  • Buyers unable to secure financing
  • And many more ...

Compare that to selling to a cash investor like us, and you'll see why --- even though our offer might not be as much as your asking price --- sometimes it's worth it to know you can have the house sold in as little as 7-10 days.

Especially when you also know you'll be paid in cash (via cashier's check) at the time of closing.


Find Out How Much We Will Pay For Your Dallas-Fort Worth House

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