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Sell Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Fast: Property Types We Buy

We Buy Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate of the Following Types:

Your Guide to Selling All Types of Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Fast, As Is, for Cash:

Sell Single Family, Sell Apartment Building, Sell Commercial Real Estate, and Sell Rental Property

As Dallas-Fort Worth real estate investors & cash buyers:

  • We buy houses,
  • We buy apartment buildings, and
  • We buy commercial real estate...

... In & around Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

We buy all types of Dallas-Fort Worth homes & properties:

From ugly houses, to fully renovated houses, to multi-family buildings, and commercial properties.

If you've said to yourself "I need to sell my Dallas-Fort Worth real estate - fast!" ... then you're in the right place.

Once you've entered your info into the Seller form on this page, someone from our offices will get in touch within 24 hours to discuss your property.

After that, if we're interested, we'll make you a cash offer and can close in as little as 7 - 10 days!

We Buy Single Family Homes Dallas-Fort Worth

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We Buy Houses Dallas-Fort Worth

Sell Your Dallas-Fort Worth House As Is, Fast, for Cash

Our #1 type of property to purchase:

We buy single family homes.

We buy houses of all types, in 78 neighborhoods in & around the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We buy ugly houses, and we buy pretty houses in tip-top shape.

We buy vacant & empty houses, we buy occupied properties, and we buy rental properties.

When it comes to single family homes, we have the most options to make you a cash offer. That’s because for houses, we consider all the following options:

  • ‘As Is’ quick flip to another Investor.
  • Fix & Flip, updates, and even building additions.
  • Fix & Rent, to improve house & rapidly boost rents.
  • Buy & Rent, for a rental already in good shape.

We are always on the lookout for off-market Dallas-Fort Worth houses to potentially buy.

If you’re thinking about selling your Dallas-Fort Worth house:

Request our no-obligation cash offer to buy here.

We Buy Apartment Buildings in Dallas-Fort Worth

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We Buy Apartment Buildings

Sell Your Dallas-Fort Worth Apartment Building Fast

In addition to single family homes:

We buy Dallas-Fort Worth apartment buildings of all sizes…

From 2 – 200+ units!

When it comes to apartment buildings (and commercial properties in general), the financing options for us change.

While we’re still cash buyers for many properties, we can also secure better financing rates & terms for multi-family rental properties.

This means we are always in the market to purchase your Dallas-Fort Worth apartment buildings, regardless of:

  • Size,
  • Current condition, or
  • Current rent roll.

Whether you’re looking to sell a duplex, triplex, or 4-plex

Or you have an apartment complex with 200+ units

Whether you have a fully occupied, recently renovated apartment building in perfect shape…

Or an under-occupied apartment building that needs work

We are interested in potentially buying your Dallas-Fort Worth multi-family property.

If you’re thinking about selling your Dallas-Fort Worth apartment building:

Request our no-obligation cash offer to buy here.

We Buy Commercial Real Estate

Sell Your Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial Real Estate

If you are wondering:

“How to sell my Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial Real Estate fast?”

We have your answer.

At DFWBuyer, we buy Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate in as-is condition, fast.

Similar to our options on apartment building purchases, when it comes to buying your Dallas-Fort Worth commercial property, financing is never an issue.

There are a wide variety of commercial real estate financing solutions that we can use to help strengthen the value proposition of buying your property.

Depending on several factors, we are especially interested in sellers who are planning to offload any of the following types of Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate:

  • Medical buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Light industrial
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Auto dealerships / service garages
  • C-stores / gas stations
  • Retail buildings / storefronts
  • And many more...

When it comes right down to it, we will be happy to consider buying any commercial real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth, if the price & terms are right for our team.

Obviously we cannot buy every property from everyone who contacts us, and when it comes to commercial properties this is especially true.

If you’re thinking about selling your Dallas-Fort Worth commercial real estate:

Request our no-obligation cash offer to buy here.

Learn More: Understanding Our Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Buying Process

In the end, the most important consideration you need to make is how to best fulfill your own criteria.

When evaluating different potential ways to sell your house, you need to consider the most important factors to you – prioritizing among objectives such as:

  • Speed of sale,
  • Closing price,
  • Contract terms,
  • Potential repair / clean up costs,
  • Listing, closing, and agent fees,
  • Satisfaction of outstanding debts, and
  • Anything else that matters to you as a seller!

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If you have any remaining questions, or would like to know more about who we are and how we work, please feel free to contact DFWBuyer directly.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and to making you a cash offer on your property!