Sell My House ‘As Is’ Dallas-Fort Worth

Sell My House 'As Is' in Dallas-Fort Worth

Sell Fixer Upper Handyman Special House Dallas-Fort Worth, TX - No Repairs Needed

Are you wondering how to "Sell my Dallas-Fort Worth house 'as-is' ... even if it needs work?"

We buy houses Dallas-Fort Worth in 'as is' condition.

Sell your handyman special house in poor condition - no repairs needed.

We buy ugly houses Dallas-Fort Worth, regardless of the home's condition or situation. We make it easy to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house as is.


How to Sell Dallas-Fort Worth Handyman Special House As-Is

'As-is' condition simply means that you sell the house in its current state without putting any work into it.

If you need to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house as is, without doing any repairs or clean-up, keep reading.

There are many scenarios when you might need to sell a handyman special house as it stands, without worrying about improvements or repairs.

For example, let's say you need to sell an inherited a house in Dallas-Fort Worth from a family member who passed away.

The house might be in an inconvenient location, or perhaps you simply lack the funds, time, or energy to actually repair & fix up the place.

Skip the repairs & clean-up, and sell your house in as is condition to a local real estate investor like us.

We buy ugly houses Dallas-Fort Worth, even if your house is not up to code, has major damage, or needs significant repairs (even structural).

Essentially, we take all of the hassles off of your hands and make it possible for your to sell your house fast, in as-is condition.

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Pros and Cons of Selling Your Dallas-Fort Worth Fixer Upper House in 'As-Is' Condition

Just as with all topics related to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house, selling in 'as-is' condition has pros and cons.

Below, let us explore both the good & bad of selling your Dallas-Fort Worth house as-is.


• No repairs or improvements = no chance to add value.

By not repairing any damages on your house, you lose the ability to add value.

For example, if you have a kitchen that needs a complete makeover, you might add:

  • granite countertops,
  • new cabinets,
  • stain-steel appliances, etc.

This will often make the home worth more money.

If you don't upgrade the kitchen when you sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house 'as-is' you do not have to go through the remodeling process, but you might not receive the return for doing so.

• Selling as-is makes it harder to sell your home.

This ties into the point above in that - when you sell your Dallas-Fort Worth home 'as is' - you will get what the house is worth in its current state.

Plus for a home in as-is condition, you're significantly reducing the number of potential buyers.

The average home buyer is looking for a property ready to move in. Selling a handyman special house that requires repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth is only appealing to a limited subset of real estate buyers & investors.

You will have to negotiate harder with the buyer to get the price you have in mind, and will have a harder time finding the right buyer to begin with.


• Selling as-is reduces your stress & effort.

Imagine selling a home without having to lift a finger.  

The only thing you have to do is move out anything that you want to take with you.

If the house is a mess, you get to leave it as it is.

• You'll save money by skipping the repairs & selling as-is.

When you sell your home 'as-is' in Dallas-Fort Worth to a cash buyer, you save the money you might otherwise use to:

  • repair any damages,
  • hire a realtor,
  • or advertise the home.


Sell My Dallas-Fort Worth House in As-Is Condition: Taking the Next Steps

Now that you know how to sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house in 'as-is' condition, you should be able to apply the information to your situation to see if it would make sense for you to do.

Generally, the people that think "I need to sell my house 'as is' in Dallas-Fort Worth", already have issues or repairs that have yet to be made, but do not make financial sense to fix.

Maybe it's:

  • because of a divorce.
  • Or because you've lost your job.
  • Or perhaps it's due to unforeseen health problems.

Another situation where people sell 'as-is' is when they inherit a property from a family member.

It can be overwhelming to have a house -- essentially -- fall in your lap.

Here is where people might choose to just receive cash for the house, saving them from the whole pricy process of repairing and listing it on the market.

At the end of the day, when you sell your Dallas-Fort Worth house 'as-is', it is much more convenient, quick, and will cost you nothing out of pocket.

To get started selling your Dallas-Fort Worth home 'as-is', please click the button below for our no-obligation cash offer.