Do you charge any fees?

Do you charge any fees?

Are there any fees or special costs for selling my property to DFWBuyer?

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There are absolutely no fees to work with us, ever!

We are happy to research your property and make you a cash offer completely free of charge.

Plus, since selling to us is just like selling to any other private buyer, there are no additional fees or costs.

We will run the numbers on your property and get in touch with a cash offer (as well as any additional questions that arise) as soon as possible.

All you need to do is contact us, or click the button below.

What About Using A Real Estate Agent? Doesn't That Cost Money?

Yes, it does!

Fortunately for you, by selling to us you are able to avoid all of the costs associated with using an agent.


Because using an agent is unnecessary and can actually be counter-productive in our process.

For the FAQ page on using a Real Estate Agent when selling to us, click here.


What If We Do Not Agree On A Price, Do You Charge A Fee?

Even if it turns out that your best option is not selling to me, we will continue to provide whatever advice we can and help you pursue the ideal course of action for selling your property.

So when you're wondering 'do you charge a fee', remember: our offers are free and you have absolutely zero obligation to accept it or work with us in any way.

That being said, if you simply want to find out what we would pay for your house --- just for the heck of it --- go right ahead!

Whether or not you sell to us, there will never be any fees for our research, our cash offer, or for any additional advice & assistance we provide.

You really have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain --- even if it is just our added expertise to your decision-making process --- so please feel free to contact us directly or just click the button below and we will get back to you soon!